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Pieces of Who I Am: Indigenous Identity & Music for Revolution

Updated: Mar 3

my debut album. my book of prayers.

gathering my medicine bundle

hope and fury face palm to palm

if this collection of songs reaches you

i pray it fuels you on your path in this revolution

pieces of who i am

longing, dreaming, scraping, knowing

Indigenous - acts of revolution in simply being

i have always been all that i am

i have always held this wisdom

that wakes me too early and keeps me up too late

there is much to reMatriate

chronically ill and disabled warrior sh*t

softie / baddie

hungry for revolution

sparked in pillow talk and back caresses

kept alive in meal preps and craft dates

to be Native and Queer

Two Spirit and Mahu

ever bridging identity, space, time, and service

i offer my gifts of music and dance

of truth-telling and dream-scheming

because i was not born to this lineage

to see pieces of who we are


by the same cycles of cultural genocide

Lheidli - Kanaka - Irish - Chinese

alchemize to make me

raised by Mom

gifted purpose in my namesake

Indigenous Identity and Music for Revolution

i gather these pieces of who i am

in the face of the ones who try to erase us

shedding and armouring

i am KeAloha

Pictured in Treaty 7 on top of Sacred Buffalo Mountain, KeAloha's palm is outstretched with a small bundle of tobacco to offer. They wear two silver banded rings. Far below is a snowy landscape and a winding river.
in gratitude, prayer, and promise

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The topic of Indigenous identity and its intersection with music for revolution is undoubtedly rich and multifaceted. Indigenous peoples have a long history of using music as a means of cultural expression, resistance, and activism. Through music, they have been able to reclaim narratives, assert their identities, and advocate for social and political change. Use audiomack promotion to popularize this music:

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